Big Fairy House

Big Fairy House

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Custom Orders

Wondering how to custom order a Faely Fairy House?  There are 3 ways!  One is to come to one of the markets we will be attending and place it with me (Heidi) personally.  You can find locations here or on our facebook page weekly.  Second, you can email me, send me a check and we can go from there with communication on details, and last you can order from our Etsy page. Last night I added 3 items to the Faely Fairy Houses Etsy page, one for each size house, that are specifically for you to use to custom order.  It's easy!  Just click on the size you wish to get, then pick a color and leave me details in the comment or message me on there to tell me what specifics you would like.  Shipping varies by size, but if you are local and don't want shipping, I can send you a coupon for free shipping and we can make arrangements for pick up or delivery.  We want to make the experience as easy and fun as possible if you don't see the post for the size you want, someone may have used it, but another one will be up as soon as possible and you are always welcome to message me there.
Hope this helps all of you who have been thinking of custom ordering from us!  Thank you all for your awesome support!

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